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Hello friends,

Please join us! Bring your own sign!
There will also be some extra signs and sign making materials.

Gallery from our August 27th rally below…

The supervisors will be meeting on Tuesday, November 1st to vote on the Modoc Road bike path. PLEASE WRITE THEM NOW!

Here are the supervisor’s addresses.

It’s vital that we all do so.

It need only be one sentence : “I oppose.” And put “opposed” in the subject line too.

Dear Supervisor (Enter Name)

I am opposed to the Modoc Road bike path project.

Alignment B would harm the Modoc Preserve and would be legally impossible;

Alignment A would destroy 48 trees, including 29 historic palm trees.

I oppose both alignments.


(Sign your name) 

Here are the supervisor’s addresses.

Here is another simple variation…

Dear Supervisor (Enter Name)

My family and I urge you to vote to protect the Canary Island Date Palms and The Modoc Preserve. County Public Works needs to be instructed that an EIR must be done. CPW needs to come up with a much better, less destructive project —— A project that doesn’t involve destroying old growth trees and/or paving over part of The Preserve.
You have the opportunity to garner much good will and support for your political career by becoming a champion for the Modoc trees and Preserve.
We hope you will always vote to protect open space and wildlife habitat.
Thank you.
(Sign your name)


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