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Petition Comments

Petition Comments


Mary Scott – “We need this open space to be preserved as it was meant to be”.

Jayne Johann – “The trees along Modoc are one of the remaining natural beauties in our area. So many trees, orchards, and open spaces have been destroyed and replaced by buildings and concrete. I wrote to Gregg Hart’s office and received a letter that the county will come to some agreement that is acceptable. I think that refers to the Plan B or Alignment B, in which fewer trees would be destroyed. This is not an option that would be acceptable to many Santa Barbarans. PLEASE save the trees.”

Michelle Carlen – “This town for pretending to care about the environment doesn’t seem to. So I’m signing to help everyone help one another.”

Lydia Speck – “I love this property! This is a favorite place to walk my dog and the convenience of the overwrought bike path doesn’t outweigh keeping this beautiful area intact for all to enjoy. There is a path already!”

Nancye Andriesse “I have lived in the La Cumbre area for years. When I moved, I had tons of monarch butterflies and tons of orioles. This year I could count on one hand each of the butterflies and orioles I’ve fed. If you take one tree down off that preserve you are destroying whatever chance of reintroducing and helping these poor animals to come back strong. It is an insane move.”

Nancy Colahan – “The trees should be left as is. They absolutely shouldn’t be cut down and I am sure there are other options cheaper and more sane.”

Sherry Hlavaty – “Save the trees!!! It’s never ok to cut down trees for more pavement:/ They are historic and beautiful and very much a part of what makes SB a magical place.”

Anne Zaharias – “I love those trees. And I would like to see a way forward with the bike path without cutting those down.”

Karen Miller “The trees create shade and are sanctuaries & habitats for the birds & other animals. There is already a bike path & horse path.”

Kim Crutchfield-Carroll – “Oh please! To push wheelchairs in this area? I have been working with disabled individuals for 10 years. Just the incline on this “bike path” would be back breaking. There are better areas like our beaches to put in wheelchair friendly places. Give me a break. Out of the 12 individuals I serve, they would rather have better beach access than the Modoc Preserve.”

Kent Hollingsworth – “I cycle Modoc Road frequently and see no need to remove trees. The current bike lane is sufficient.”

Barbara Batastini – “I grew up going to Vieja Valley and riding my horse on that bridle path . It was a sanctuary for kids and adults alike . Where do people get to go anymore to experience untouched beauty and nature like this ? Those trees are majestic and should not be mowed down to build unnecessary bike paths . A natural setting like this is priceless to the wholesomeness of a community . The existing bike path is more than sufficient for bikers . Keep the beauty in our city alive … it brings people shades of peace and tranquility that cannot be bought .”

Alex Kanner -“I signed this petition because this is a Clear example of the government not listening to its residents.”

William Caprio – “I used to live in SB. I can’t stand government of any type. Especially ones that flout the law and deed restrictions. Also, I love trees and nature.”

Carol Newton – “This is a travesty!!! I just drove down Modoc and was appalled! Removing these trees will leave the the road “naked” and ugly. It really upsets me that we’re constantly mucking up the environment unnecessarily. This path can be added in a much more eco-friendly way – – which has been suggested numerous times. DO NOT CUT DOWN THESE TREES!!!!”

Ewan Dewar – “I understand how iconic those palm trees are that you speak of, there shouldn’t be any need at all for anything iconic like that to ever be discarded from where they stand.”

Michael Rattray – “There are alternatives that should be explored that could better manage the footprint required for a Class 1 Bike Path. Then the pro’s and con’s could be presented to all citizens to better understand the consequences and use their voice(s) with our elected officials.”

Amy Blair “Those trees are incredibly beautiful and make that road uniquely enjoyable. Without those trees, that road would look like every other road in Santa Barbara. But instead, that road feels magical and special. The animals enjoy them too! And the exchange of negative ions, oxygen and carbon dioxide those trees provide is too valuable to extinguish. Removing those trees will remove the unique atmosphere of Modoc, without which, would be depressing.”

Svetlana Dayal “This would be such a travesty to rid the area from these beautiful palm trees!!! While the whole world is going green, our government is killing the environment… Such insanity and sabotage!!!”

Kerry Oeltman “They are beautiful and give us so much joy while driving Modoc! Leave the trees alone ! We need all the trees we can at the moment not to mention the wildlife also relies on them !”

Jen Weeks – “There’s a bike path already in place. Please enhance and expand this to meet the needs of a bike path. DO NOT CUT DOWN THESE TREES!! It’s not necessary and a waste of money!!”

Lisa Sloan “These majestic trees cannot be replaced!”

Linda Nelson Whitman – “It is redundant to have a bike lane on Modoc Road PLUS a new separate bike path, as they have on another section of Modoc. Not to mention the loss of trees along Modoc Preserve robs the street of shade, ambiance, and habitat for the many small animals that live in the Preserve. The Preserve itself is supposed to be protected space, so how this project got any traction at all baffles me. Prioritize the preserve, not the pavement!”
Diane Harding – “Save the trees!!! Birds live there and they provide oxygen and shade!!!”
Robin Hennessy – “Trees are critical to our collective quality of life.”
Clara Hembree – “Please encourage the county and city to use Permavoid to save these trees! It’s a product that gives drainage to root systems even while there’s pavement above. Other cities and civil engineers are using this to preserve precious trees, we should too!”

Denice Adams “This spectacular tree lined road must be saved. It’s good to know Candidate Stoker supports preservation. Who decides and when?”

Kaye Walters “We need to preserve the bucolic beauty of Santa Barbara, and quit cutting down trees! (Besides, you already have a bike bath.)”

Michael Self – “I’m signing to protect our beautiful, important, natural environment There’s already a proven safe bike path. Please Stop the urbanization and degrading our community”

Alfredo Villegas – “Trees help to clean the air. Do NOT cut them down. Preserve old Santa Barbara trees!”

Mary Hudson – “Think of the shade and the wildlife that will be harmed because of tree removal. These trees are an intrinsic part of Santa Barbara history whereas bikers are not.”

Seb Baum – “These big old trees matter a lot to the community. The bike path doesn’t need to go through it in such a way.”

Marcene Newman – “We need to save the trees, Santa Barbara is cutting down trees all around and it is not ok. We need the shade and environmental protects these trees provide. There are other alternatives.”

Maxine Lefkowitz “The Beauty and eco system of the palm trees.”

Hildegard Kennedy “I would have liked to Give the money to the LEGAL FUND directly instead paying for more advertisement But there was no choice…HK”

Deb Thomas “Aloha all,We do have several links on our petition page for donations to our legal and biologist fund to fight this unnecessary and destructive bike path project…you can also contact us thru email and/or our social media pages to send a check…Thanks so much for the support…let’s win this thing!!!

Leslie Colasse “A safe solution for pedestrians and cyclists can be arrived upon without having to remove this iconic row of trees.”

Chris Wackerman “The trees have become part of the habitat and should rightly be protected. I can’t imagine taking down beautiful established trees to put a bike path when one already exists and works fine.”

kalai kennedy “No one I know, cyclists included, wants or needs a 14′ wide swath of *additional* pavement next to an already existing bike path that works just fine as it is. Leave the Modoc Trees be!”

Nic Fujiwara “I am not sure what on earth is happening with Santa Barbara lately, however our true values have somehow eroded. The needless hacking down of so MANY gorgeous full grown trees is appalling. Santa Barbara has legendary protected the trees and habitats. I am signing this petition because I believe the eclectic and rare assortment of trees and foliage brought over here a hundred years ago matter. Santa Barbara’s true character is being wiped away. Let’s all unite and stand to stop every last natural nook and cranny from being developed. This isn’t New Port. We have history here and it deserves to be honored.”

Deb Thomas “Support the Greenbelt Alignment! The County has now proven that they don’t need to cut a single tree down for their $8MM unnecessary redundant bike freeway…free-for-all…They have staked their right of way and their new Alignment A runs thru the narrowest width of Modoc Road…all north of the trees in the existing asphalt infrastructure…simple…just run it the rest of the way on Modoc Road…not a single tree gets cut…and, they get their shiny new bike path…without paving a protected nature preserve with asphalt and concrete…”

donald miller “I am familiar with the preserve, I love it. It reminds me so much of when I was a kid and I could go out in the wild, the trees, nature and enjoy that. That was in Pennsylvania. This is such a special area. When I first heard about this, first read it, I thought it was a prank, a joke. There is a lot of fake information on the internet, social media sites. But no the BOS & county came up with this idea. Building a 14 foot wide bicycle pathway through the MODOC NATURE PRESERVE, that is protected by the Santa Barbara Land Trust. This is a train wreck. I guess they are trying to ruin not only the preserve, the wildlife and the trees and palms but also the credibility, integrity of the Santa Barbara Land Trust. It’s their job to protect this land, to safe Guard it. They have over 20,000 acres throughout the county to safeguard. They survive on a lot of private generous donations from the good people of Santa Barbara. So I jumped in, both feet, donated countless hours and some money.”

Jenifer Smith “I ride down Modoc almost every day and the palms lining that road make it the best part of my ride. There’s something magical about that area that it would be a shame to ruin.”

jon zaid “I commute on my bike every day on Modoc. I have also run many a time in the preserve. As a bike rider I do not need a special lane. The road is wide enough for bikes and cars and pedestrians can walk on the trail besides the trees. Why destroy these beautiful trees?”

jon zaid “I bike this everyday and enjoy passing by the preserve. Our running group also runs the preserve sometimes on the weekends. Why ruin such a wonderful place?”

Barbara Ireland “I think you can work around the trees without taking them down!”

Deane Plaister “I’m a long-time bicyclist, and I’m all for improved biking infrastructure, but this plan is more destructive than helpful.”

Marilyn Lauer “i LOVE THE TREES”””

Janet Sands “We helped create the Modoc Preserve and really care about the last bits of open space that are truly open to all in the community.”

Lisa F “These trees are a part of Santa Barbara’s environmental history. Removing them is removing a part of what makes Santa Barbara special. Please don’t ruin that”

Carrie Bingham”Save the trees, save the wildlife, redesign a more environmentally friendly bike bath alternative.”

Teresa Flanagan “Santa Barbara needs trees for oxygen, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, and just plain beauty. The whole community uses Modoc Road; losing any of these trees will impact all of us.”

morgan coffey “We mustn’t set precedent for demolishing open space that was lawfully established for present and future generations!”

Anna Thomas “Don’t cut down the trees! The city/county/state/government ruins everything nice!”

Kathleen Morales “Beautiful scenic drive since I was a kid”

Michael Allen “We need trees”

Gretchen Murray “Where is Shelly Cobb’s Option C posted? I have forgotten the details, but love that idea.”

Shelly Cobb “The County Public Works department and Gregg Hart are trying to force the community and stakeholders to choose between Alignments B (Bad) and A (Awful). The Modoc Bike Path as currently proposed will DESTROY the Modoc Preserve. The latest update dated Aug11 still includes 49 trees removed in Alignment A, or 22-31 trees in Alignment B, plus long five foot tall (average) retaining walls.BOS representatives, your vote MUST be based on the worst-case scenario or “maximum tree” removal counts as spelled out in the Draft MND and County docs describing Alignment A. It would not be responsible or prudent to vote to approve based on best-case scenarios or speculation of “minimum tree” removals because you will be held accountable for every tree that comes down!Threatening to cut down and pave over up to 49 Rd Trees in the County Right of Way if you don’t get your easements for Alignment B is unfair. Dirty tactics like this are eroding the public’s confidence in Public Works as well as the Santa Barbara La”

Rhonda Sparks “Enough is enough with the tree unnecessary cutting down for bikers who won’t stay in the bike bath no matter how big it is!!!”

Lisa Ann Kelly “Santa Barbara needs more open space, not less. Removing mature growth trees and paving over any part of The Modoc Preserve with tons of asphalt is NOT the answer. The County needs to come up with a realistic and viable plan. Trees matter. Preserve the Preserve, Protect the wildlife habitat.”

Beth Connelly “Trees and wild areas take precedence over a bike path that will fragment and disrupt a protected habitat and preserve.”

Shelly Cobb “I just added it right above your comment Gretchen, do you see it? :)”

Suze McClellan “Less pavement, more trees!Plant milkweed & keep backyard bees (if you can)!!”

Cameron McElroy “I agree!”

Jo Tibbetts “I’ve red the pros and cons and do NOT want the trees cut down!!!”

julia di sieno “Clearly killing 100 year old tree’s cancer be avoided! Please let the beautiful tree’s live on!I’m a born and raised SB native! Thank you,”

tanny taylor “I’m signing because I used to live at Modoc and Encore and enjoyed so much wildlife and beauty there thanks to the trees and the preserve. We need the trees to help mitigate climate change and provide habitat! There is no parking for the bike path. Believe me, I know as we were never able to park in front of our own home when we lived there for almost a decade. Bike path plans need further refinement.”

Susan Rider “I hate to see 100 yr old trees destroyed!!!!!! They are gorgeous! The path can go on the other side”

Wesley Bredall “After fighting to save this beautiful slice of nature from “ever being developed,” the idea of it being used as a financial pawn to be paved and primed for frivolous amusement parkland has THIS Modoc resident pissed!”

Ann Ryan, MD “Just drove by on Sunday and those trees are lovely”

Erin Duffy “I love the trees”

robin rose “Destroying nature by developers is evil at this point. Stop already! This is a needed and beautiful area!”

David Litschel Save our palm trees! We don’t need a bike freeway along that part of Modoc Road.”

millie rodier “The trees are beautiful. a trail already exists”

Deb Thomas “Trees matter!”

Warren Thomas “Let’s maintain and improve what we already have.Save the trees!”

Janet Shalhoob “We have a perfectly good bike path already in place that could be enhanced. Also the speed limit on Modoc could be lowered for more safety. It is only about 1.5 miles at most. Seems like way too much disruption of trees, animals & aesthetics. Not really needed.”

Patricia Escalera “I feel that the Modoc Preserve trees and wildlife are suffering at the hands of humans who vowed to keep this preserve undeveloped, for life. I again, say that the ( less than 1 mile )of Modoc Road can be used as a safe bike path by lowering the speed limit, painting green bike lanes and widening the road a tad, without having to remove existing native and non native trees, including live oak, leaving Modoc Preserve exactly what it’s suppose to be, a Preserve.”

Kacie Fowle “This is such a special place and it would be devastating to lose any of the trees! There is a perfectly usable bike lane in place already”

Linda A. Tucker “I signed because I have a personal 62 year history walking the Preserve. I have always counted myself truly blessed to live where there is still a bit of natural paradise to enjoy. For decades my family and I have enjoyed the beautiful trees and other flora and fauna of the Preserve and I feel an almost sacred duty to help keep it as untouched as posible.”

Janette Carr “Those palms survived the Paint fire in 1990. They deserve to live longer.”

Liz D “I live here and it is so important to keep them for many reasons. There is already enough room for bikes to ride. It has been fine for bikes for the past 20 years that I have lived here. It is not right to take them down. Very wrong to do so. Please do not do this!!!”

Liz D “And what about all the horses? And the people in Hope Ranch that ride horses in that area. Horses are not going to feel safe with a bunch of speeding bikes. That is robbing them of that experience. Not to mention all the wildlife and having a quiet place. We want more open land and less people not more people and concrete. It is already crazy how busy that area is. And the beauty and shelter the trees provide for birds. Please everyone do all you can do to try to not allow this to happen. Thank you.”

Sharon Baumert-Kysely “Mature trees giving shade, aiding wildlife and removing carbon from our air. All around town mature trees are coming down, it is AWFUL. Progress does not have to mean destruction. I don’t care if they are non-native. If we removed all the non-native trees in this town it would be semi-desert. I wrote to Gregg Hart and never had a reply.”

R Cervantes “Nothing compares to the beauty of nature & these trees are beautiful.”

Jenny Valenzuela “SB needs to save trees”

Roger Powell “Trees are more important!”

Kym Renga “We need trees! If you need to spend money send it to Ukraine!”

Michael Shapiro “leave the trees alone. why cut more trees? FOOLS”

cherise dunham “Please do not destroy the natural beauty of Modoc Road trees!”

D Bleecher “Nothing wrong with the bike path that’s already there. It would be a shame and a mistake to remove these trees.”

Sue Ellen Lupien “Save the trees, create a better plan.”

Tony de paco “all the 10 things mention in these article and the $ could be spent in other things.”

Pamela Sagawinia “I grew up in that area and my children as well. It’s beautiful and peaceful.It doesn’t need to be changed.”

Constance Thayer “I am signing because the present bike path is safe. Interesting that this area was to be protected for in “”perpetuity”” in a prior decision, not that long ago in 1999. Driving by this area it is hard to understand the necessity to change the present bike path configuration. Clean up the bike area, re-stripe it and keep the gorgeous trees and park setting for the use of all.”

Martha Shilliday “I drive this road 10-15 times per week. The road is a fabulous blend between cars, bicycles and full old growth trees. The trees have beauty and give a lovely calming sense.”

Katharine Gerhardt “This is not a priority in terms of bike path needs! We need one on shoreline before this and no trees would be harmed!! Tearing down trees in the name of beautifying is ridiculous.”

Carol Colao “This is a beautiful strip of roadway. Must we bulldoze these rural areas to look like any other road? Keep the trees, keep the dirt and the look of this area’s unique natural beauty. Stop with the gentrification of everything. Keep it real and untouched to look “pretty”. I understand there is a bike lane there already. Repaint it — save money, save trees, save the integrity of this area’s beauty!”

Carrie Givens “Find another solution, do not cut down any of the trees here. I drive along there and it is one of streets that make Santa Barbara so special.It is so negligent to even consider this.”

Suzanne La Pointe Brookes “I believe this should be preserved for all and not made into a bike path for a relative handful of users, many of whom may be only temporary residents of the area. affected.”

Marlene Maes Mills “These trees are beautiful. Bikes can be ridden along Modoc safely. We can all enjoy the trees that way.”

Rich Moser “It is ridiculous the lack of notice the county gives for something like this. Where are the news stories? How could I have not heard about this, I ride by there 5 times a month. The county needs to get its ass in gear and realize who it works for.”

Regina Solomon “I don’t want the trees cut down”

Yvonne Georgina Puig “Save the beautiful trees!”

Katrina Storton “I lived in Santa Barbara for 3 years while attending school and these trees are a huge part of the environment. There are already tons of accessible bike paths around Santa Barbara and Goleta, as a past student, I know. Don’t remove these trees just to make another path, we have plenty, keep the vegetation, please.”

Tim Bristol “There are better ways to spend public funds”

Breda wall “Trees are very very important to a healthy living environment for all.”

Lesa Marsh “Why can’t we have a nice winding bike/walking path throughout the existing trees? Let’s work with the existing trees instead of plowing through them.”

Cathy Rice “I drive this street 5 to 10 times a day, every day. There is NEVER a time when there are too many bikes for the bike path. Why are the powers-that-be making a problem where there is none?Cathy Rice”

Holly Howard “We speak for the trees ? stop humans districting nature!!”

Leslie Thomas”I want to see the existing trees preserved, which contribute shade & natural beauty.”

susan allan “there is another bike path and we need every to maintain the oxygen balance for Santa Barbara and the beauty as well.”

Margaret Hammel”These trees are treasures!!!”

Tracy Schmidt “We love the trees!”

Robin Larsen “There is already perfectly good bikeway already there. Been using it for years.”

Amanda Forsythe”These trees are landmarks to many residents. I remember them on my drive to San Marcos when I was a student there, and they offered welcome shade during runs when I was a SM cross country and track runner, and then during half-marathon and marathon training runs years after I graduated. I can’t imagine them gone!”

Jason Dougherty “Mature, healthy trees need to be preserved for many reasons. 63 trees is an excessive number to remove for such a short bike path.”

Rosemary Cherba “Don’t destroy trees and their benefits to the environment.”

Heather Brophy “Pave paradise put up a parking lot””..J.M. Sad some people just never learn, once gone never to come back. Please remember we are sterwards of this magnificent planet we call HOME!”

Dannie Gillispie “Can’t have those. They’re not white, Rich and American!!!”

peter doctors “These are grand old palms and make Modoc a beautiful road. find a better route behind the palms in the empty field behind them.”

Ashley Sclar “I was born and raised in SB and speak for the trees. DON””T CUT US DOWN!”

Mimi Wills “Stop ruining Santa Barbara!!! What is wrong with the people who are in charge! There is more than enough space as is for bikes along Modoc!”

Ramesh Gupta “Trees provide life to environment”

Sharon Metsch “A path exists Birds use the trees The drive along side them is calming”

Christine Fredericks “Trees are essential to our wellbeing; they are living, breathing organisms worthy of our respect. Save the trees!!”

Wendi Cromer “I have walked among those trees for almost 60 years, they hold wonderful wildlife and so much beauty.”

Karen Taylor”Absurd idea & needless spending since there is already a viable bike lane, these trees must be preserved, please!!!”

martha metcalf “We need all the trees we can get!What is the matter with you?”

Karen Novak “removing these trees would be completely unnecessary, surely the bike path can be enhanced without removing these wonderful trees. Trees keep the lane cooler while riding this stretch of the road. We need more trees not less. Keep this a simple fix without moving trees.”

Marietta Marasco “Enough trees are lost all the time, whether through natural disaster or in the name of industry. Enough is enough!”

Donna Waggoner “Those trees have made it through the Painted Cave fire. They are a very aesthetic part of Modoc Rd. Please save them. This is my neighborhood.”

nancy callahan “There is absolutely no need for this added bike bath! These trees are of great value for shade , noise blocking, and esthetics in our neighborhood”

Sarah Jaimes “We shouldn’t lose any more trees in Santa Barbara. There must be a better solution that doesn’t cut down the trees while improving the bike path.”

Mark Pomerantz “I want to preserve the palm trees. I don’t mind if you remove the eucalyptus.”

Alexandre Jardin “We need to protect our ecosystem”

Laura Sapia “These trees provide a beautiful environment along a stretch of road without which would be much less aesthetic. They are also providing shelter to a multitude of beautiful creatures.”

Jason Erwin “I’m born and raised in Santa Barbara. These tress and further open space mean a great deal to me personally and the persona of our community as a whole. The proposed path can be rerouted not requiring any tree removal and providing an example for other communities facing similar propositions. This is not a zero-sum game. Both sides can win.”

Beverly Ames “The reasoning behind this is sound and logical. We need to protect our environment!”

Camillle Gilbert “The beauty of trees before a bicycle path, especially when there is ALREADY a bicycle path. This is a no brainer! Waste. Of. Money. Keep the trees! Move the road a little, if you must have your path. Keep the nature. It’s living and gives shelter to many beings.”

Lisa Ostendorf “If the County is so concerned about climate change, why would they even ENTERTAIN this project as it is? Do they not know how much carbon is absorbed by trees? What about the lack of shade created, and asphalt heat tarmac they would add? They are hypocrites, and just looking for things to do to keep their jobs. We need to hold them accountable. Remember, it all comes down from the top and someone is looking to make money. Thank you so much, Deb, for being a great community watch person!!”

Jack Dennis “Time to be heros of change”

Blair Kitchen “There is no need to remove the trees. We need to preserve the trees.”

Clara Hembree “These trees are so important to this stretch of road. If it weren’t for the trees, horse riders, bicyclists and pedestrians with their dogs would have no respite from the hot sun. In addition, we have wonderful wildlife like our Orioles, Tanagers and Butterflies that return each year. There are solutions like Permavoid by ABT, Inc. that the city/county could use to have both the bike path and trees. Please do not remove these wonderful mature trees!”

Rosanne Crawford “There is nothing wrong with the existing bike path on Modoc Road.There is everything wrong about removing trees along Modoc to make a new bike path. This community values trees. Stop paving over everything we need our trees and to maintain as much natural permeable ground surface as possible. The use factor of that bike path is low and does not merit the cost or destruction if established trees.”

Deirdre Hanssen “We need more trees, not fewer. There are better ways to spend this money.”

Spencer Barr “We need to add MORE trees, not remove them!”

Kalia Rork “These trees are important to the ecosystem, provide beauty and shade, and the bike path is good enough!”

Lalie Burns “And the path is needed there why? Walk people! Keep the paths small and dirt. If you want an asphalt path go to downtown LA.”

AP Bergwall “Plant life, whether native or not, provides shade and food for wildlife and helps mitigate the heat and topsoil loss from pavement. TREES MATTER”

Mayfair Yang “Trees are our “”lungs”” — let them live in this age of drought and climate change!”

Matthew Davis “The trees lining the side of Modoc Road are ICONIC to the look of the area. It doesn’t matter if they are a native species or not; they represent the Santa Barbara style. I drive down this part of Modoc almost every day and I can’t imagine such an amazing collection of trees gone.”

Rebecca Goodrich “Trees are more valuable today than ever before.”

Rachel Mercedes Verdugo “!!! ALL SOME PEOPLE WANT TO DO IS CUT DOWN TREES AND THROW DOWN CEMENT.**””””!!! NOT ACCEPTABLE. ***””””””””!!!!!!”

Christine Fancher “I don’t want to see the palms cut down. And esp not oak trees. There must be a better option, or don’t do it.”

Janine Dorn “These trees are irreplaceable and part of what makes Modoc Rd and this area so beautiful.”

David Landskron “We can’t replace a mature growth tree if we cut it down”

Theresa Coronado “What are the actual stats of bike collisions on this stretch of Modoc to even begin to justify such an egregious betrayal of a previous protection effort? I travel that road all the time, both on bike and in car, and it’s a quiet road compared to the other part of Modoc that just inserted a Class I bike lane. It’s not necessary in my opinion to continue that Class I type lane down this section of Modoc as the Class II lane is working and I’ve never felt any danger (again, not a busy part of the road). The trees are exactly why I take this road. It’s beautiful and fills the soul to look at beauty in our crazy stressed out lives. Removing the trees will do more damage than good in my opinion, and will negate other efforts to keep SB beautiful and natural, AND safe.”

LORETTE EMORY “DON’T allow SB to become another ”PAVED Paradise” town . SAVE THE MODOC ROAD TREES, , ,”

Gretchen Murray “The trees are a major resource due to age and longevity. I rode Modoc this week, and found that the current bike lane is in perfect condition. No need for anything else.”

Ron Guadagno “The trees are a big part of what makes this area so picturesque and Santa Barbara. The current bike path works well. Please don’t kill these trees.”

sandra morey “All trees can be an asset even if they are non native. They produce oxygen, shelter wildlife, provide shade and decorate otherwise empty parkways with their foliage.”

Joshua Hersey “I grew up on via zorro, directly across from Modoc. I played here as a kid and have always loved this line of trees and the wildlife. This whole area survived the painted cave fire , to cut it down now would be a waste of natural beauty. Santa Barbara has changed so much over the years, let’s keep some of the old school as long as we can.”

Denise Contreras “We need to save the trees!!!”

Forbes H Perkins “I was born in Hope Ranch and these Palms are an iconic aspect of this neighborhood. Santa Barbara needs to keep its aesthetic heritage and use its imagination to find solutions to figure out how Palm Trees and bicycles can coexist. Come on folks that can’t be that difficult. BTW bicyclists should do everything in their power to save the trees. Do the right thing. Not the easy thing.”

Mimi Mauskopf “The canary island palms are as part of Santa Barbara as the palm trees at Chase Palm Park. Monarch butterflies are now endangered and need the eucalyptus trees in this grove”

Patty Bechstein “I wish they wouldn’t add on all the other petitions they suggest you might want to sign at the end of this….”

June Martin “Santa Barbara at one point talked about taking down the Ficus trees on Milpas! Santa Barbara needs to create an urban forest management plan that inventories trees like what Los Angeles. Trees is what keeps our community green and healthy! <a href=”””” rel=””nofollow””></a>”

Samantha Eddy “Absolutely unnecessary to remove these trees. When will the SB government learn that SB locals don’t want more developments that destroy the town’s natural beauty?”

Betsy Davis “I have walked the beautiful path on the other side of these trees many times. Removing these trees will negatively alter the serenity and scenery of that walkway.”

Lisa Craft “Im a CA transplant to Oregon. Anything to help!”

Susan Owens “We need more trees not less!”

Steve Majoewsky “Whenever I travel along Modoc in the section where the new multi-million dollar Class-A bike path is finished I see riders still riding in the street (and why did they paint bike lanes in the street along side of the new off-street path???). Removing our beautiful trees to spend money we don’t have to make a bike lane nobody uses…….government at work!”

Erykah Guajardo “STOP CUTTING TREES”

christopher graham “Such a ridiculous waste of nature for a bike path not even 3/4 mile long! Am a cyclist myself, however, I do not condone this action.”

Alison Dobbs “We need more trees and less blacktop. Save the trees.”

Charlotte Gould “I love riding along this section of Modoc and destroying the trees will destroy the beauty and character of the area as well as the animal habitats.”

richard kaufmann “The Preserve is a great place to walk. It is named a Preserve for a reason and that doesn’t include development. The project is unnecessary, use the money for a worthwhile cause.”

Smith Jason “Kids can ride on dirt. Kids can ride away from the road on dirt along that stretch like they used to when I went to vieja valley 40 years ago… and so can adults”

Steve Edwards “I am signing because I’m sick of crooked politicians like Gregg Hart and Steve Lavagnino voting against their constituents.”

Josianne Sculley “SB County planners and La Cumbre Mutual Water Company and The Land Trust For SB should follow the ‘forever protections’ which have already been established for the The Modoc Preserve. This area adjacent to the preserve runs along the road and provides natural beauty and wildlife habitat and ecosystem. Removing 40 tree can and will alter this environment most negatively. Do not let a secret ‘agreement’ with county planners happen. Make this agenda public.There are existing alternate solutions for a bike path that will not have such a directly negative impact on a sustainable natural habitat. Find another way. Do Not destroy nature for public use in this manner.Sincerely,Josianne Sculley”

Christina Hammond “I care about the preservation of trees, natural habitats and the environment.”

Steve Edwards “Santa Barbara County Supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Gregg Hart are both corrupt bureaucrats who hurt our environment and pollute our politics, it is time to stand up to them.”

fran galt “Make some simple improvements and save the trees. A class 1 bike path is unnecessary here. It will make a pleasant ride unpleasant. It destroys the environment and important habitat. The natural and historic beauty that draws people to Santa Barbara is also critical for the planet.”

Carla Reeves “I want the beautiful preserve to remain as is. I drive by there every day and walk often on the path.”

Steve Edwards “Let’s cut down a few trees near where Lavagnino and Hart live, that way they can more fully ‘understand’ our sentiments.”

Brittany Russell “No need to cut down mature healthy trees!”

Deb Thomas Here is a hand written Comment from Joan B. “Protected Forever means protected forever. Please honor your word. We need the trees, the current bike path is fine. The trees provide habitat and beauty for all. For this generation and generations to come. From Joan B”

Edith Ogella “Try Calle Real between Las Positas and Hope. That is more seriously in need of help. Modoc should be left alone.”

maya chafe “It should be against the law to cut down healthy, mature trees unless they are a fire hazard. Felling these trees to install a bike path, when one already exists, is madness. We are in a drought and trees are already dying. Don’t kill more!”

Michelle Leavitt “I love these palms! They are a landmark in this area. I do also love bike paths, but there needs to be less removal of the trees.”

Susan Mcintire “I don’t want these trees cut down. Stop destroying the beauty and history of this town!”

Alana Guinn “Progress with respect for nature is the only way forward for the whole world.”

Elizabeth Burnam “The need to stop the proposed project has never been greater. As a Modoc road resident and daily user of this beautiful preserve, let’s not destroy our surroundings.”

Peter Conn “A preserve means preservation. This beautiful area should not be subjected to another broad asphalt road and that what multi-use “”trails”” have become. At 12′ wide they are wider than city and county vehicle lanes. they destroy any idea of natural beauty. It’s all cookie cutter too which is maddening. How about beige or brown cement instead of gray cement or black asphalt. Do the CAMP suggestion of Alternative C.”

Raymond Smith “Option “”C”” should be given serious consideration.”

Rev. Bonnie Smith “I am signing because I love these trees and what they add to the ecosystem and beauty of Santa Barbara”

Tara Larsen “Monarch butterflies depend on these eucalyptus trees to winter and breed.”

Shelly Cobb “Walks on the Modoc Preserve bring me so much daily joy and happiness. This project will destroy the Preserve. Please, Supervisor Hart, preserve the Preserve by voting to route the new bike path on Alignment C!”

Deborah Lynch “Every tree matters. There are better options.”

Donald Lewis “There are other ways to improve the bike path that do not require killing the trees. I’m a cyclist and ride that route at least four times a week. The trees are a highlight of the ride. Don’t kill them.”

Smith West “The trees need to be protected”

Wesley Jackson “I was born here, and the idea of cutting down those trees for a bike path, when plenty of space exists, is one more example of the hubris of our feckless “leaders””

Dave Wallace “8 million in grant money is going into the wrong hands. SB Parks and Rec approved this murdering if these beautiful trees? Who getting back door money on this grant? Hmmm”

Elise Fields “We should NEVER be cutting down trees!”