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Modoc Preserve Deed of Conservation Easement

The Modoc Preserve is publically shared private property, owned by La Cumbre Mutual Water Company and it’s shareholders that has a Deed of Conservation Easement managed by Land trust for Santa Barbara County signed in 1999 protecting it from development “forever” and “in perpetuity”.


Land Trust for Santa Barbara County explains it simply…

Often land can best be protected if the owners are motivated to pursue economically viable alternatives to subdividing and development.

A conservation easement is a voluntary, incentive-based agreement between a landowner and a non-profit land trust or a government agency that restricts use of property to protect its “conservation values”.

Great video that simply explains conservation easements:

Modoc Preserve Deed of Conservation Easement

Former 2nd District Supervisor Gregg Hart referred to this legally binding document as “just words written on paper 30 years ago”. We exist to help the Land Trust fulfill it’s obligation to protect the Conservation Values of the Modoc Preserve for this generation and generations to come.