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Two videos of the Modoc Preserve area

These are the iconic 29 Canary Island Date palms along Modoc Road in Santa Barbara that will senselessly be destroyed by a redundant 1317 yard (3/4 mile) bike path…along with a number of eucalyptus and Coast Live oaks…48 trees total. 20,000ft2 of wildlife habitat and shade canopy.
It’s important that the surface and subsurface stream drainage bioswale not be altered…
This bike path will fit in the existing asphalt infrastructure.
With your help, we have pressured the decision makers to place 3/4 of it on Modoc Road…please continue to help us get the remainder on Modoc Road, out of the protected Modoc Preserve nature preserve.

Drone footage above the eastern end of the Modoc Preserve greenbelt. You can see what a valuable ribbon of greenbelt at the edge of urban sprawl that the Modoc Preserve is…and, why it is so important to uphold the Conservation Values that are protecting it. Additionally, a number of beautiful eucalyptus trees and big swath of the mature landscaping that you see where Modoc Road and Las Palmas come together at the Via Senda intersection is going to be bulldozed. This area is near the entrance to Hope Ranch as seen in the video.

In the Easement Agreement this land is supposed to be protected from development for the enjoyment of this generation and generations to come…
Right now, the state of California is pressuring the County of SB to build 18000 housing units here in South County…multiplied by 2-3 people per housing unit…of direct consequence to the Modoc Preserve area is there are plans on the table to convert the old Sears building at La Cumbre mall into affordable housing…it’s a mere 0.4miles from the Modoc Preserve…~8 minutes by walking…even faster by bike or e-bike…the nearby County Juvenile Hall property and San Marcos Farms are also targeted for housing development…this all translates into vastly increasing human activities on and near the Preserve…

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